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Financial Inclusion
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What We Do

What We Do

LCC in a Nutshell

LCC Latam Consumer Credit Fund invests in personal consumer credit instruments across different countries and currencies. Through strategic agreements with local experienced credit originators, with a focus on Fintechs and traditional non-bank credit institutions, LCC Fund expands credit in countries that need it. We contribute to addressing structural market failures where bank financing falls short in meeting demand for credit, unlocking opportunities for financial inclusion.

Our investment proposition is built upon a rigorous approach executed by an experienced team with strong regional connections.

We have privileged access to both traditional and FinTech credit originators, allowing us to evaluate and invest in a wide range of opportunities.

Through a “track record” and credit performance analysis, and our understanding of the regional landscape, we safeguard the quality and sustainability of the investments.

We operate in local currencies while hedging the exposure, tailoring solutions to enable credit originators to grow without undue risk. We provide flexible conditions adjusted to each jurisdiction. Our mission extends beyond economic goals given the positive social impact of extending credit to individuals who are underserved by traditional banking systems. By bridging the credit gap, we play a part in building a more inclusive and prosperous Latin America.



years of combined management experience.

Our Team

The Heart of Our Success

José Frene

Managing Partner

Portfolio Management and Operations. 30 years experience in credit opportunity business.
Economist, UADE

Guillermo Worlicek

Managing Partner

Investor Relations and Fundraising. 30 years of experience managing alternatives.
Certified Public Accountant (CPA), UCA, Executive Education HBS

Ignacio Goñi

Credit and Financial Analyst

Deal Sourcing, pricing and valuation.
25 years of experience in the financial sector.
Economist, UBA. Master in Finance, CEMA

Maggie Flores Pirán

Operations and Banks

Execution of transactions and payments.
25 years of experience in the financial sector.
Degree in Foreign Trade UCES

Sergio Ozols

Business Intelligence

Database developer and administrator.
30 years of experience in BI on the financial sector.
Systems Engineer, IUA. Project Management, UB